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Micro Lube is a full service conveyor lubrication Company with international experience and a genuine commitment to professional, affordable and personalized service to our many customers. Our staff has over ten years of "hands on" experience in conveyor and chain lubrication which has earned our customers' confidence in our products and service

D Series 4 Wheel T-3 Tote

The T-3 Tote is the most versatile tote we make. With its 30 gallon tank, this tote makes filtering, transferring, and topping off reservoirs a breeze. It can fill itself, be used as an off-line filter for cleaning different reservoirs, and to pump oil into various containers. This tote has all the power needed for filtering oil viscosities up to 600cSt (ISO VG 680) at 100F within ambient temperature ranges of -15F to 150F. All Y2K products are 100% customizable upon request.

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