An oil filtration system removes contaminants in your oil, making it more usable. Having the right kind of oil filtration system requires thorough knowledge of different types of oil filtration systems and when and how you should be changing your oil.

Oil is the livelihood of your engine and many other components. Therefore, you must know how to keep it in good health. The oil filtration system keeps your engine working by removing impurities that may hamper its smooth operation.

In this blog we will go over the different types of oil filters so you can choose the right kind of filter next time. Micro-Lube oil filtration offers different filters for all types of machinery and mining systems.

Different Types Of Oil Filters

There is a wide variety of different oil filters available in the market based on your engine and machine type. Let’s see what the most common types of oil filters are.

Primary Oil Filters

Those filters which clean 100% of the motor oil are called primary oil filters. For example, in winter, motor oil thickens, and it forms contaminants. The primary oil filter helps in filtering them out. There is a specific pressure system that redirects the oil to the engine to continue lubricating it. This happens when the filter becomes clogged.

Secondary Oil Filters

Secondary oil filters also help in removing additional contaminants and work independently of primary oil filters. They work on about 1% to 10% of the motor oil, thereby removing any leftover contaminants. Secondary oil filters or bypass filters reduce the need to change the oil again and again.

Thermal Chambers Filters

Thermal chamber filters, as the name indicates, involves the process of heat. These filters remove contaminants as well as raise the temperature to remove contaminants from the oil. They burn the motor oil in the process, thereby consuming electricity. This makes them a little more expensive than the other filtration systems.

Magnetic Oil FIlters

Some filters remove metallic impurities from the oil instead of dust. You don’t need to replace these filters, as cleaning them will keep them functional and in good condition.

Spinner Filters

Spinner filters are also called centrifugal filters. They use a membrane and a housing chamber. It uses a spinning motion to trap the contaminants and particles from the oil.

It is always recommended to use the oil filters what your engine mechanic or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommends. If you need an oil filtration system or are looking for its parts, contact Micro-Lube.

How Do I Select The Right Kind Of Oil Filter?

Selecting the right kind of oil filters depends on your systems requirement. An important thing to consider when choosing an oil filter is to check whether it filters out soluble impurities or not. Most of the time, oil filters are capable of filtering out insoluble impurities. However, it is soluble impurities that can damage your oil and thus affect your system.

In a passenger car, it must filter for 5 microns particles. The filter housing must also be considered. The seals and valves must provide the necessary integrity. Other than this, there are filter tests to check for the quality of the oil filter. You can check them for:

  • Burst pressure
  • Dirt-holding capacity
  • Resistance to flow
  • Oil holding capacity
  • Overall structural integrity
  • Fabrication integrity
  • Heat capacity

What Are The Different Types Of Filter Media?

Oil media filters that are also called membranes that are inside the oil filters and help in cleaning out the oil. After researching, we came up with the following common types of oil filter media.

Cellulose Filter Media

Holding particles up to 8-10 microns in size, this media is used in disposable oil filters. This one cleans up to 40% of the motor oil.

Synthetic Filter Media

Synthetic filter media is used in high-quality filters. This one is used to remove particles of 20-40 microns. Apart from this, it also helps in removing a small portion of particles of 8-10 microns.

Micro-glass Filter Media

Is almost ten times finer than the cellulose filter media. It helps in removing even the smallest contaminants.

Replacing the oil filter timely is a wise act rather than changing the whole engine. Oil filters come in different types, and you must know which type is the most suitable for your machine. Still, if you are not sure about your filter type and want to learn more, you can always contact Micro-Lube.

At Micro-Lube, you will get a wide range of oil filtration and lubrication. Our experienced team will answer your questions and guide in choosing the most suitable product.