Valuable insights into the health and operating levels of your equipment is one of the prime advantages of regular oil analysis. It's important for most industries to keep track of lubricants running through their machines. Companies that don’t pay due attention to the importance of proper and consistent analysis leave the health of their equipment to chance.

Since lubrication is essential to keep your plant up and running, having an effective oil analysis program in place means you’re maintaining your entire plant’s operations. It is very well known that poor lubrication practices lead to more than 50% of equipment and bearing failures.

If you want to prevent components failure and maintain your machines in the best working condition, work towards developing a regular oil analysis program. It will help you uncover and diagnose a number of issues from determining additive levels to leak detection. Moreover, the insights you generate through analysis help you eliminate critical reliability issues. Here are some of the advantages of performing regular oil analysis:

Detailed breakdown of lubricant efficiency

A well-thought-out oil analysis program provides a detailed breakdown of lubrication efficiency. When it comes to industrial machines, identifying mechanical problems on time is crucial or documenting what kinds of problems contaminated oil can create for your machines.

Metal particles such as iron and aluminum can be a sign of cylinder damage. Contaminants create serious problems down the line; for example, they put strain on the machine as they work hard to push the thickened oil through. Oil analysis will help you apply the right oil filtration techniques and keep your machines healthy.

Identify issues before they occur

It is of great benefit if you know in advance that a problem may occur. Consistent oil testing can pinpoint small issues and then you can take the required action to stop small problems from developing into major shutdowns. Save both time and money by implementing a sound preventive maintenance strategy which includes regular oil testing. Preventive maintenance is an effective approach to avoid expensive repairs and equipment failure.

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Extend the useful life of your equipment

Proper maintenance is the only way to remain profitable and achieve sustainable business growth in a competitive environment. It not only increases the useful life of your machines but also ensures operational efficiency. It’s better to invest in maintenance rather than spending on expensive repairs and suffering loss of production.

Consult a full-service maintenance company to figure out how you can schedule oil analysis and what tools you need to ensure oil cleanliness and avoid unplanned downtime.

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