Manufacturing plants that use machines for batch or line production, have to bear a large sum of money for lubrication oils on a regular basis. The reason is simple, machines cannot work without proper lubrication. There are technological advancements in the lubrication industry alone. These technology advancements help to monitor and analyze the condition of the oil being used in machines. Today, modern oil monitoring systems are installed in manufacturing plants to keep an eye on the condition of the oils.

Experts maintain that by managing correct lubrication processes and timely maintenance, machine life can be enhanced. Not only that, the efficiency of the machines can be improved as well. If the machine life is improved and its efficiency is raised it will become cost-effective and will raise the profit margins for the plant owners. It does not end here. There are plenty more benefits of having a proper industrial oil analysis system in your factory. This blog will shed light on the 6 main benefits of using an oil monitoring system in manufacturing plants.

You Can Extend Oil Drain Intervals

Heavy machinery when running is prone to create friction. The friction force sometimes becomes so strong that it can destroy machines from the inside. Friction is created when metal contacts metal, producing heat due to the constant contact under pressure. This friction creates wear and tear in machines and their parts.

Lubricating oils reduce the process of wear and tear and limit friction forces. When the oil’s limit of reducing friction is achieved, it should be drained out and replaced with fresh lubricating oil to keep machines at their best performance. The oil monitoring system can tell us when exactly the oil should be drained and replaced. This way you can extend the oil drain intervals and save a considerable amount of money.

Plan Your Machinery Maintenance

Oil monitoring systems are smart. They can tell you when machinery needs maintenance. The maintenance process stops production operations. This means that the plant needs to be maintained with carefully timed schedules, saving the idle time frame. Factories which are not producing and do not have scheduled timely maintenance are definitely a loss for the owners.

When the plant managers are informed that the machinery needs maintenance in advance they have a better chance to plan it with maximum efficiency. This process is again helping the manufacturing plants to save time and reduce the maintenance costs by planning more efficiently.

Avoid Risking Unplanned Shutdown

Without the use of oil monitoring systems, it gets difficult to anticipate when the oil should be drained or when the machines may need maintenance. Sometimes, a miscalculation creates a problem and the machine may stop working. This will result in an unplanned shutdown. Unplanned shutdowns are always a nightmare for a manufacturing plant.

Unplanned shutdowns will force the production process to a standstill. Your clients will not receive their orders and a top to bottom emergency like situation will be witnessed. With the integration of oil monitoring systems, unplanned shutdowns and be significantly reduced or even avoided completely.

Extend Your Warranties

When machines and equipment are in their best settings, there are fewer chances of an accident, unplanned repairs, loss of efficiency and warranty claims. When your factory is working as per schedule, it is already at a productive level. However, if the machines are working with better lubrication and timely managed oil replacements they will perform even better.

Efficiency Enhancement

Oil monitoring systems' basic function is to raise the efficiency of the machines by keeping them fully lubricated in order to minimize the wear and tear over time. When machines are doing more work and require less maintenance it means they are efficient. This level of efficiency, when maintained over time, saves money and increases productivity.

Increase Profits With Reduced Costs

When the machines require fewer repairs and are able to work for longer time periods, it reduces their maintenance costs. When the maintenance costs are minimized the manufacturing plant can spend that money on other areas that can further improve their operations. The money that is saved while the machines are working fine will actually end up being much more profitable for factory owners.

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