Some organizations are infected with bad maintenance culture, while others have successfully gone through a transformation phase from mediocrity to excellence. Then there are those companies that successfully undergo the transformation but slowly regress to their past addictive practices and bad maintenance habits. Where do you stand?

How a company will behave in the future somehow depends on what they have been doing in the past. As a company, your past behavior sets your reputation. Let’s identify some of the remedies to help you cure bad maintenance culture.

A healthy maintenance culture can be one of your key plant assets. When your people do a good job, they feel good about themselves and their accomplishments, and vice versa. When your staff doesn’t perform well, it creates a serious morale problem that affects the entire production process. One effective solution is to make it easier for your people to do good work and break bad habits.

A bad maintenance culture

Do your maintenance technicians constantly react to machine failures? If yes, you’re unlikely to have any control over the work schedule. Bad maintenance culture and breakdown maintenance go hand-in-hand.

If you want to break bad maintenance habits within your facility, start with identifying the poor habits first and the reasons why these habits were developed in the first place. At some point, you might miss the opportunity to have a sound preventive maintenance strategy in place, and you relied on the personal experience of your maintenance team.

When it comes to lubrication programs, learning by experience without seeking any technical support can help your team accomplish many tasks. However, over time, an unprofessional attitude towards maintenance processes becomes the culture that affects your bottom line.

Once you realize the negative impact of bad maintenance practices on overall operational efficiency, the next step is to break those habits and develop a new strategy. Engage your maintenance department and educate them on good maintenance practices. Show them how the benefits of good practices will make things easier for them and for the company.

How to break bad maintenance habits

A thorough examination of your current practices might reveal shocking things. It is certainly an unusual situation if you discover what your team has been practicing for years is wrong and no longer valid. The sudden realization may cause your machine operators and lubrication experts to feel out of their comfort zone.

Once you communicate the initiative with your team and provide the necessary tools and training on best maintenance practices, the next stage is to supervise for the first few weeks to see if everything is happening according to plan.

During your transformation from mediocrity to maintenance excellence, select some metrics to measure your performance. Accountability will help you carry out a successful implementation of recommended maintenance practices. The top management must provide the support your maintenance department needs to bring about dramatic improvements.

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