When we talk about oil changes for industrial machinery, there are two major ways of doing it. Either oil change is done following the interval-based approach or it is done on the basis of oil condition. This blog is going to talk about what a condition-based oil change is and in which conditions it's the most suitable.

What Is A Condition Based Oil Change?

Condition-based oil change means changing the oil of industrial machinery - or any other engine for that matter depending on the oil condition. It's a very crucial decision to make. It's directly related to the performance of the machinery.

A delayed oil change can cause wear and tear of the machinery while a premature oil change costs the business some extra money which could have been avoided.

What Does An Oil Monitoring System Do?

The oil monitoring system provides us with the monitoring ability to determine the condition of the oil, and decide whether to change the oil now or keep the same oil for a while longer.

The oil monitoring systems show you the timeline and help you get into the heart of your machinery so that you can decide what's best for its life and performance.

Condition Based Oil Change Can Be Cost-Effective

One of the main benefits of the condition-based oil change is that it prevents the cost of an unnecessary oil change. There might be cases in which the oil remains in good condition even after a considerable time period and doesn't really need to be changed. It may be due to recent maintenance of the machinery that the oil has not degraded. In such a scenario, the oil does not necessarily have to be changed, just because a certain period of time has passed.

When A Different Grade Or Brand Of Oil Is Used

Another situation in which condition-based oil change becomes handy is when you have changed the brand or grade of the oil. The oil you were using previously would have a different life as compared to the new one. So, it's better to decide the next oil change on the basis of the oil condition.

Change The Oil Just When You Need To

Condition-based oil change allows you to spend money and effort only when you need it. Untimely oil changes don't only cost money but also disrupt the productivity of the organization. Also something to consider is the time taken by the employees and mechanics to change the oil.

In a fast-paced world, especially when we're talking about the industrial sector, everything needs to be done fast and with accuracy. The time wasted in an unnecessary oil change could've been better utilized in continuing the production by keeping the machinery up and running.

It does not at all mean you should totally avoid oil changes. If you delay an oil change, it will likely jeopardize the accuracy and performance of the machinery. Consequently, it will cost a lot more than what a premature oil change would have costed.

Condition-Based Oil Change Is Suitable For Different Machines

Another aspect of a condition-based oil change is that different machines have different ways of consuming oil. The life of the same oil changed on the same day, would have different life spans for different machines. So, if you decide to change the oil of your machinery on the basis of the oil condition, it will be the right decision.

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