Bearings form vital components of electric motors, which require specialized lubrication for effective functioning. Most motors prematurely expire due to these bearings' improper lubrication, causing wear that eventually results in irreversible machine damage. Improper lubrication is a common problem in industries across the board that contributes to substantial economic losses.

Here we have compiled some tips to help you lubricate the bearings in your electric motor properly. This will help maximize the life expectancy of your equipment and keep its vital components running in good health.

Follow The Guides

It is imperative that the bearings are lubricated adequately based on their design, velocity, and temperature. Hence, the best solution to this is by following the recommendations and procedures outlined by the manufacturers of your electric motor. This includes the viscosity and quantity of your lubricants while giving directions for service intervals.

Furthermore, also take into consideration the lubrication guide for operating conditions of your motor. The best practice for this is to keep the motor, shaft, and bearing assembly aligned and serviced (clean and dry) to minimize vibration and shock load.

Select The Right Type Of Bearing For Your Application

Several types of electric motor bearings differ based on their varying configurations. The type of bearing used can be identified through the identification plate on the motor. However, make sure the motor has not been rebuilt as a different type might replace the original bearings. Once the bearing type is determined, the lubrication application can then be performed accordingly.

Prevent Bearing Failures

Bearing failure is one of the common and easily avoidable problems that damages your electric motor. It is vital to conduct regular inspections to ensure your electric motor bearings are in good shape. Here are a few steps that you can do to avoid bearing failure.

  • Make sure the load attached to the motor is appropriately aligned
  • If your electric motor has ball bearings, restrict their load to shock, start/stop, and vibrating conditions
  • Increasing vibration decreases bearing life. Therefore, make sure the vibration does not exceed the recommended values
  • Keep your motor and especially the bearings clear of moisture and contaminants
  • Monitor bearing temperatures to ensure they do not overheat. Stop using the motor in the case that bearings get too hot
  • Pay particular attention if your motor produces any abnormal sounds
  • Regularly inspect the motor mount for proper tightness

If you notice anything wrong with the bearings, or the motor, always consult with your lubricant supplier and analyze the bearing operational condition before changing your lubrication process or schedule to fix the problem.

This is important because otherwise, you can make a decision that may prove harmful to the equipment. For example, it is a common assumption that overheating is always caused due to over greasing the bearings. Whereas, under greasing causes as much heat generation as over greasing.

Rotor And Stator Functioning

Rotor and stator form the major components of your electric motor. Without their proper functioning, your motor can not fulfill its purpose effectively. Rotor and stator functioning can be used to determine your bearings' health as their eccentric motion indicates bearing wear or misalignment. Therefore, increased machine consistency needs to ensure the rotary assembly and stator are in accordance.

Using a feeler gauge, regularly take measurements of the gap sizes at the top/bottom and terminal sides of the rotary assembly. Then take measurements of the gap between the rotor and stator, which should be equal all the way around. Record these readings and then compare with the previous ones to perceive any excess wear of machine bearings.

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