A good lubrication strategy doesn't merely deal with the random application of grease, oil, or lubricants to your equipment. When we talk about excellence, it is something beyond carrying out basic maintenance activities. Lubrication excellence is achieved when you develop a sound lubrication program for your facility or equipment in order to improve equipment reliability and service life.

A proper analysis and evaluation of your equipment is required to generate useful insights, which can help design an effective lubrication plan. What follows are valuable tips that will help you achieve lubrication excellence:

Test new deliveries

A slight deviation in lubricant quality can have a devastating impact on certain machines, which means you should test the quality of new lubricant deliveries especially when equipment reliability is your prime concern. Evaluating new lubricants for quality will also help you establish a baseline for routine used-lubricant analysis. Even when new lubricants meet your quality expectations, they can have variations in terms of chemical and physical properties. You are likely to witness an improved lubricant quality when you actively test new deliveries and provide feedback to your lubricant supplier.

Educate your maintenance team

Starting a training program is an excellent way to educate your maintenance and operations team. Whether you own a company or are involved in the maintenance of industrial equipment, train your team so that they can understand the modern lubrication standards and enhance their competencies. Achieving lubrication excellence is a collaborative effort which demands dedication and relevant knowledge. Use training as a technique to improve operational efficiency and operations uptime.

Avoid lubricant starvation

There must be a system in place which indicates the shortage of lubricants. The use of alarms is an example of how you can track down lubricant starvation. It will help you prevent lubricant level, in a machine, dropping from a certain point. As a result, you can avoid the malfunctioning of the machine. Your industrial equipment doesn't just need lubricants; rather, they need an adequate and sustained supply of the right lubricant to keep operating at an optimum level.

Develop lubrication procedures

Most plants don't have effective lubrication procedures in place. If you are seriously looking for strategies to extend the life of your equipment, develop and implement effective lubrication procedures. A systematic way of managing lubrication-related matters will streamline many of the interlinked maintenance activities.

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