Equipment maintenance is a set of practices used to minimize loss and improve production. It requires a deep knowledge of equipment failure and behavior to develop an effective maintenance strategy. Once your maintenance team develops an understanding of why, how, and when equipment fails, you can create a proper maintenance strategy.

The manufacturing industry has to operate in a competitive environment and meet the growing demand for precision and quality. This is the reason why companies put heavy emphasis on preventive maintenance and the reliability of equipment. There are a number of approaches that you can choose from based on your industry, equipment, and the availability of maintenance expertise.

Experienced maintenance and reliability professionals have witnessed a rapid growth from reactive maintenance to preventive, predictive, and hybrid approaches. Proactive maintenance has been the latest development which focuses on cost reduction measures and bringing in operational efficiency to address the growing market challenges.

Progressive companies focus on maintenance as a part of their effort to maximize profits. An active approach towards equipment maintenance drives companies to redefine their lubrication options for both existing and new machinery. Let’s have a look at some of the common strategies:

Scheduled Maintenance

Most companies implement scheduled or preventive maintenance strategies which involves periodic inspection and repair activities. Scheduled maintenance is easy to design and implement. Focusing on a predominantly preventive approach can have a massive impact on the overall productivity of a manufacturing floor. If you are taking this approach, ensure efficiency of your schedule and keep looking for areas where predictive maintenance strategy can be applied.

Predictive maintenance

It is possible in some cases to predict equipment failure. A predictive maintenance strategy is based on predicting failures well before they take place. Visual inspection is a key part of this strategy where a CMMS is used to track meter reading. A predictive maintenance strategy is better than that of preventive because predictive approach offers the potential for decreased production cost.

Reliability-focused approach

A maintenance approach focused on equipment reliability is an in-depth, effective process that considers all the potential failure modes while preparing a separate maintenance plan for each individual machine. This approach is not suitable for every environment as it requires data and a team to implement.

The reliability-focused approach ensures that equipment will withstand a given operating period under certain operating conditions without failure. If you haven't yet developed an effective maintenance strategy for your facility, it’s time to seek guidance from a professional maintenance company.

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