If you find it problematic to implement and sustain an effective lubrication program, you are not alone. Many companies face numerous hurdles when implementing a dependable lubrication strategy. The absence of a change management plan and a lack of vision of the program's scope are the leading reasons why companies fail to do so.

When it comes to successful implementation of a companies lubrication best practices, you need to consider several human, technical, and organizational factors. The basics of lubrication excellence include the use of the right lubricant in the right quantity and at the right time while ensuring lubricant cleanliness. Your lubrication strategy must address these fundamental requirements in a consistent manner.

A new vision of lubrication excellence

Understanding lubrication excellence from a holistic standpoint plays a key role in developing highly effective equipment maintenance strategies. When an expert identifies the need for improvements in the lubrication practices at your facility, you may decide to train your lube technicians so that they can understand the best practices for lubricant handling, storage, and application. In addition, well-trained maintenance staff is likely to be willing to embrace change and highlight the opportunities to improve the overall process.

However, the lack of tools or resources to facilitate change is going to be a major challenge. Your facility should be equipped with a proper lube room to organize equipment so that the maintenance team can implement the best lubrication practices. The required infrastructure involves physical resources that provide suitable hardware as well as the environment to execute a well-thought-out lubrication program in a safe and ergonomic manner.

Change Management

The implementation of a strategy requires extensive fieldwork. Organizations often find it extremely difficult to choose and buy proper hardware and lubrication technology that can be integrated into their existing equipment. It is advisable to consult a dependable maintenance company in order to save time and obtain external support. It will help you bring about a fast and complete implementation of new practices.

When all parties actively participate in the change management process, it becomes easy to achieve lubrication excellence. Excellent communication and alignment among the team and adequate managerial support are essential steps toward achieving equipment reliability.

The size of your company, the scope of the project, and the cultural maturity of your organization will play a vital role in managing change and designing successful maintenance and lubrication strategies. For example, large companies need more pertinent change-management initiative and resources to undergo a fast and seamless implementation.

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