Lubrication saves the performance and longevity of your machine if done properly. In this blog, we’re going to address 5 types of improper lubrication that you might be doing and may face consequences for in the form of damage to your machine. You must avoid these 5 practices to make sure your machines are properly lubricated and are safe from any potential damage.


It’s not only important to make sure that the machine is not low on a lubricant, but over-lubrication can also be a problem. You may not believe it but it’s true that if you use too much grease as a lubricant, it will jam the machine. Yes, it’s true because grease in high volume is different from that of oils. The quantity of lubricant to be used depends on the volume and density of the lubricant you’re using. You should be careful about not over-lubricating your machine. In the case of oil, the seals of the oil compartment can start leaking if you put too much oil in it.


On the other side of the coin, under-lubrication will also cause damage to your machine. The effects will be different though. The signs which reveal that your machine is under-lubricated include heating up and sounds of friction. When there’s less lubricant in the machine, the components will have more friction that will produce heat and will also create sounds that are uncommon. It’s not just the sound or heat coming from your machine, it is actually the last warning or an alarm that sounds moments before your machine comes to a halt.

Using the wrong industrial lubricant

Even if you use the right quantity of a lubricant, there can still be one thing you might have done wrong. Choosing the wrong lubricant for your machine is problematic. Every machine, engine, or component needs a different type of oil depending on the viscosity and other elements like the functionality or purpose for which the lubricant is being used. You cannot just use one oil on different machines and expect everything to go well. A machine that requires a thick oil will be damaged seriously if it is lubricated with very thin oil. It will not be able to avoid friction and will damage the machine.

Using a mixture of Industrial lubricants

As we have discussed above, different oils have different functions to perform and have differing viscosity, so it’s not wise to mix different industrial lubricants and use them together. Different compositions of different lubricants are meant to suit the specific needs and requirements of a machine. If you use a mixture of lubricants. Especially, if you use mineral-based and synthetic oils together, there can be devastating effects on the machine.

Using contaminated industrial lubricants

Last but not the least, using a contaminated lubricant also causes damage to the machine and its components. A contaminated lubricant does not benefit the machine but rather damages it. One of the major problems that a contaminated lubricant can cause is premature bearing failure. You need to make sure that the lubricant you use is of high quality, not pre-used, and is not contaminated. It will ensure that the machine components are not damaged.

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