A large number of products are made with paper. Machines in paper factories are expected to function non-stop and meet production requirements. Proper lubrication and preventive maintenance are the best techniques to ensure the smooth operation of paper machines. Most paper machines come with hundreds of lube points that require proper grease or oil application. Cylinders, couplings, gears, valves, and other key components require a well-thought-out lubrication process.

Circulating lubricants are used to lubricate a large number of lube points in paper machines. A central reservoir operates to circulate the oil throughout the system with the help of supply piping and return piping channeling oil back to the reservoir. Circulating lubrication systems provide a number of benefits.

Oil dispensing and filtration

Circulating oil helps machines remain cooler during operations when compared to splash-lubricated machines. The life of oil and the lubricated components increases when machines operate at lower temperatures. Circulating oil also helps the maintenance team reduce the labor costs as there is no need to lubricate each point manually. However, a lubrication expert has to monitor each line to ensure each point is getting the required amount of oil.

Pumps are key in circulating systems which drive oil where it is needed. Since oil is pumped, it becomes easy to filter the oil and keep it contaminant-free. Needless to mention that contaminants can seriously damage the performance and useful life of a machine. Implementing effective oil filtration systems can protect sensitive machine parts. Filters located in the supply line can effectively clean the oil of all the contaminants.


Off-line filters circulate oil in the reservoir to further refine the oil. The pace with machine components wear can be greatly reduced when all oil filters work in perfect harmony. While the circulating system serves various functions, paper machine oils lubricate numerous components. Roll bearings are the most common type. These components size, dry, and transport the paper. The bearings need to be continuously cooled and lubricated. The function of oil is to transfer heat away from the bearings and ensure a smooth and consistent operation.


Gearing that operates certain parts of the machine also receives lubrication from the centralized lubrication system in some paper machines. The load tends to be much higher in gears than bearings. It sometimes causes extra stress on the lubricant film, requiring the use of additives to protect the machine surface.


Selecting the right lubricant and the oil filtration system is a challenging task that requires the equipment knowledge and lubrication experience. Whether you run a paper factory or a food processing facility, it’s important to have a sound lubrication and maintenance strategy so your equipment stays operational and efficient throughout the year.

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