In a competitive environment, manufacturing equipment is pushed to its limits. Manufacturers expect their equipment to stay up and running to ensure uninterrupted operations. The demand for low maintenance, high accuracy, low energy consumption, and reliable industrial machines has also increased over the last decade.

While hydraulic machine specialists design and manufacture state-of-the-art hydraulic cutters and control systems, they strive to design energy-efficient machines that can help manufacturers increase machine reliability, accuracy, and prolonged service life. Here is how the right use of hydraulic fluid can increase equipment uptime and energy efficiency:

Viscosity is the key factor

Fluid viscosity has a significant impact on energy consumption and efficiency. As a vital part of a hydraulic system, hydraulic fluids transmit power. The use of monograde hydraulic fluid leads to oxidative stress in hydraulic systems, power transmission losses, poor heat transfer, and reduced responsiveness to controls.

Cold hydraulic fluids are thick with high viscosity. The high level of viscosity creates a high level of friction. On the other hand, hot fluid becomes thin and the viscosity decreases which can result in wear damage and flow leakage. Performance of the machine suffers in both cases. In monograde fluid, viscosity varies greatly depending on the temperature.

High temperatures make it difficult to bring about stable viscosity. Fluid thins when the temperature rises which can create metal-to-metal contact. Thus low-viscosity fluids are likely to cause costly repairs, machine downtime, and increased wear. Multigrade fluids are designed to protect machines by balancing volumetric efficiency and hydro-mechanical in the equipment.

It’s critical to use balanced hydraulic fluids or your hydraulic filter cart systems will suffer hydromechanical and volumetric power losses. Thin fluids deliver poor volumetric efficiency while a thick fluid can cause churning losses and hydrodynamic friction in the system.

Selecting the right fluid

Fluid choice plays a key role in improving equipment reliability and productivity while reducing ownership costs and downtime, especially the viscosity of the fluid can have a major impact on the performance of your hydraulic system.

It is reported that multigrade fluid demonstrated efficiency gains up to 10 percent when compared to traditional monograde fluids. When a system is exposed to pressure and heat, a viscosity-optimized fluid transports more pump energy. Doing some research and selecting the appropriate machine lubricants will help you prolong equipment service life, extend oil drain intervals, and increase energy efficiency and reliability.

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