Any machine’s engine or hydraulics need lubricants, and lubricants need to be filtered regularly, or the machine stops working. It sounds very simple; the reality is that industrial-grade lubricants and lubrication filtration systems combine to form one of the largest global industries. The lubricants and their filtration systems have become a pinnacle of machine-based technological advancement as manufacturing plants are now moving towards hybrid lubricants that are a mixture of organic and synthetic ingredients.

The lubricant and lubrication filtration system industry has affected industrial manufacturing processes, business costs and benefits, and business operational efficiency since Great Britain initiated the early industrial revolution.

Kaydon Filtration Systems has been producing, distributing and providing one-window solutions regarding oil filtration systems for the past 80 years. Having this much experience means that Kaydon is just behind two decades to be a century-old lubricant filtration specialist. Amidst the past 80 years, industrialists around the world have put great trust in the products of Kaydon filtration systems. It seems that the company has been self-educating itself as they maintain a state of the art research and development department, which helps them keep on improving their product range.

Kaydon Filtration Systems offer the following types of filter elements, filtration systems, and more:

Filter Element

  • Particulate Removal Elements
  • Filtration System Elements

Filtration Vessels & Assemblies

  • Fuel/Water Separator Vessels
  • Oil & Fuel Particulate Filter Vessels

Filtration Systems

  • Turbine Oil/ Water Separation Equipment
  • Vacuum Dehydration Systems
  • Fuel/Water Separation Systems
  • General Purpose Oil Filtration System

Their vast industry experience has enabled them to become the market leaders as they offer their products to the world. Kaydon has been able to partner with strategic lubrication and oil filtration sellers across the globe to provide ease to their loyal customers. Kaydon's comprehensive distribution system also means that they have been able to evolve to such a level that most of their competition cannot even comprehend the small details of their premium oil filtration elements and systems. Industrialists who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on their lubrication needs, realize their product excellence as they mutually grow together.

Superior Equipment Protection

Kaydon strives to produce filtration systems that help in minimizing the periods of machine inactivity and maximize the production of the whole machine process. This way, they maximize the utility of their products and provide the perfect return on investment to their customers.

Exceptional Service Life

Kaydon offers simple oil filter removal and changing options. Ease in machine maintenance leads to lower labour costs and demands minimal technical expertise from clients. Kaydon believes that their filtration systems should be sophisticated in cleaning lubricants but simple to use for the users.

Protecting The Process

Kaydon produces its filter elements and filtration systems keeping in mind the safety and protection of the industrial process they would use. This allows their clients to reduce their total lubricant filtration costs.

Consistent Fluid Quality

Kaydon produces filtration systems under strict quality assurance protocols that are highlighted by ISO standards. This allows them to make sure that fluids are always flowing consistently to keep the machines running at their best operational capacity.

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