Constant maintenance is an inseparable part of any progressive industry operating heavy machinery. If you want to keep your equipment in good working condition, regular maintenance is inevitable. Needless to say that poorly maintained equipment doesn’t run efficiently and leads to unexpected downtime. The following are some useful tips that will help you extend equipment life and improve your operational efficiency as well as your bottom line:

Training is essential

It is not practical for every industry to train every employee associated with the equipment maintenance department. Some companies don’t even have a regular maintenance team to properly develop and execute various maintenance strategies. It is always a good idea to have a qualified team of industrial maintenance personnel or a certified repair technicians on staff. While there is no need to perform repair activities on a daily basis, your repair technician can train other staff members to detect potential problems early. Having a knowledgeable maintenance team can provide numerous benefits.

An experienced workforce is a prerequisite for any maintenance strategy to be effective. The management, work culture, training requirements, and people skills play a key role in improving equipment service life and ROI.

Use high-quality lubricants

It may seem expensive to frequently test and use high-quality lubrication products, but the equipment reliability achieved as a result will offset the high cost. It would be easy for you to stay profitable and competitive if your production machines are reliable. You can talk to your lubricant supplier for the frequency of preventive maintenance measures to improve your lubrication processes.

Identify and resolve causes of system breakdown

It’s a fact that you can save thousands of dollars every year by simply implementing an effective maintenance lubrication program which includes timely identification of potential mechanical issues. We can categorize equipment failure into three categories: gradual, sudden, and intermittent. There is nothing much we can do to prevent sudden failures. However, intermittent and gradual failures can be effectively avoided by taking timely measures.

Having a second unit operating in parallel with the primary unit, both sharing the demand, is a recommended technique to deal with sudden equipment failure.

Keep track of equipment service history

It is important to document equipment servicing history. Modern manufacturers use different software to keep a record of every machine in the plant. You can use a book to manually record various maintenance activities: repair or replacements activities with date, type of service performed, observed irregularities, the due date for next scheduled service, etc.

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