Industrial lubricants solve many problems in every industry. The mining industry is no exception. The role of lubricants in the mining industry is even more significant as it deals with heavier, bigger, and more complicated machinery. Keeping these machines running smoothly is crucial for the mining industry.

Let’s see what these problems are and how lubricants can solve them.

Challenging operations of mining

The mining industry involves adverse conditions where increased pressure, more heat, and friction are there. The ready-to-use oil mostly available in the market can’t serve this purpose. For this problem, purposefully designed lubricants are the most suitable and effective. This is why lubricant companies offer a separate range of lubrication products for mining industry clients.

The mining industry is more challenging in terms of load, wear, tear, speed, and robustness that the machines require to show to keep working. In this regard, industrial lubricants that are special in nature are preferable by all the workers in mining companies.

Lubricating open gears more effectively

Using asphalt lubricants isn’t that effective on open gears, ball mills, rod mills, or breaker mills. For such machinery, there’s a need to move to a better type of lubricant. When it comes to open gears, there’s more erosion because of a lack of friction between the machine components. For this problem, a higher quality of industrial lubricant that a lubricant company especially makes for such machinery would be more effective than the ready-made off-the-shelf lubricant.

Lubricants that are more aggressive in keeping away contaminants are suitable to use in mining machinery.

Lubricating wire rope

Not every lubricant can stick to the wire ropes used in mining equipment and machinery. It requires special lubrication so that it lubricates the rope for the time it needs to and enters the strands of the rope wire to produce long-lasting effects. This is one of the problems of the mining industry that needs particular industrial lubricants meant to help the mining industry workers keep their machinery in perfect working conditions.

Gearboxes also face extra wear and tear

The gearboxes in mining machinery face more erosion as compared to other industries. There is a need to use special lubricants for solving each of these problems that we are discussing in this blog. Overheating is one of the results of added pressure and wear in the gearboxes. For solving this problem, industrial lubrication products play a vital role. Using the proper lubricant makes sure that the lubricant avoids premature damage of the machine. As a result, the lifespan of the machinery enhances.

Avoiding bearing failures

Bearing failure is another problem that results in the downtime of the mining industry. Bearings that are too busy handling heavy loads and speed of the mining machinery keep on malfunctioning if the company uses improper lubricants. In the case of bearings, a type of lubricant that we call grease is best to use. Again, not all greases keep the contamination away from the component. The grease that is thicker and tacky can prevent water and other contaminants from entering the machine component and causing damage.

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