A number of factors should be considered when selecting the right industrial lubricant. Lubricant manufacturers provide recommendations; however, this is not the only guide which can help you make the right decision. Manuals only address the ideal conditions which may be completely different from the real environment in which your equipment is being operated. It is important to use lubricants that meet the demands of your operations.

Understand the environment

To define which type of lubricant is ideal for your application, develop a deep understanding of your environment. Factors such as moisture, temperature, load, dust, vibration, and speed can help you define your current situation. Temperature is linked with the lubricant base oil type, while moisture and load determine the additive package. Speed is considered when determining the required viscosity.

Understand the requirements

Take into account the application environment when selecting an industrial lubricant. For instance, if the bearings are at extreme pressure or speed, selecting a lubricant with a higher base oil of viscosity; would be helpful in increasing equipment reliability. Your equipment needs a formulation which will ensure a sufficient film layer of lubricant to reduce friction.

The viscosity of a lubricant decreases when temperature or speed increases. For appropriate lubrication, the viscosity will depend on the operating temperature, load, speed, bearing design and application method. If the bearing is subject to a significant amount of water contact, select a solution with high corrosion-resistance and low-water washout properties. Selecting the lubricant in accordance with your unique environment will offer a considerable pay-off and longer equipment life.

The selection of industrial lubricant becomes even more critical when your machinery has to operate in an aggressive environment such as a mine where equipment has to deal with corrosion, high temperature and moisture.

Selecting lubricants based on specifications

Effective lubricant selection is about developing a balance between affordability, application, and quality. Create lubricant specifications as it will serve as a guideline and help you maintain the balance. Sustained machine reliability largely depends on your ability to select the right lubrication solution for your production machines.

Select the right supplier

You have the ability to purchase lubricants or you can purchase lubricants with necessary services included. If you purchase lubricants solely, you may have to pay extra for services like technical support and oil analysis. Make sure you hire a reliable maintenance company which not only provides lubricant solutions but also delivers technical support and maintenance services.

Whether you choose an automated or manual lubrication system, the objective should be to maintain your equipment with the right type of lubrication solution. As industries struggle to continuously improve operational efficiencies and demand more from equipment, re-examine your lubrication selection process and implement maintenance strategies to drive equipment performance and reliability.

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