Oil filtration is an essential part of any engine or machine which requires clean oil to function correctly. Oil is a vital lubricant that helps machines run efficiently by reducing friction. However, it may also contain or attract contaminants that could severely affect your device functionality.

In the case of inefficient oil filtration, the accumulation of debris and pollutants could seriously belay your engines. When the system stops suddenly, your company might be at the risk of incurring substantial losses due to costly machine downtimes. This is why proper oil filtration is needed to keep your tools running smoothly by keeping those “essential” oils in a pure state.

Proper oil filtration is crucial to prolonging the useful life of your machinery. It could become catastrophic for your operations if your machines don’t receive much-needed amounts of filtered oils in satisfactory amounts. Many firms have no idea about this issue until or unless the entire system stops working.

At Micro Lube, we provide our industrial clients with professional installation and maintenance services, including oil filtration systems in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We will determine either your oil filtration mechanism is functioning correctly, or it requires repairs or replacements.

Here are the four significant signs your company needs to look for when you should get a new oil filtration system:


Many manufacturing companies are often concerned about the deteriorating performance of their engines and machines on a daily basis. They continually look for quick fixes in order to enhance the productivity and output of their efforts. Mostly, the problem lies with their oil filtration apparatus that is unable to filter the oils accurately, resulting in augmented energy consumption by machines.

The polluted oil cannot run the engine at its full potential, leading to reduced efficiency. For this reason, it’s vital to inspect and maintain the purity of the oils being used through the best oil filtration systems.


The constant force of friction results in overheating of systems. The problem lies either with not being able to change the oil on time or using low-quality oil filtration arrangements. Oils that don’t lubricate the machine adequately result in abrasion in its parts, resulting in the overheating of the entire system. That’s when you should purchase the highest quality oil filtration system for your machine.

Grinding Noise

When you hear sharp metallic noises coming out of your machine, it’s a sign that you may need to change your oil filtration system. Most of the time, the oils being used are unable to lubricate the machine parts because of the embedded contaminants in your oil filtration mechanism. If you hear grinding or clicking noise from your machine, it might be the right time to get a brand new oil filtration structure.


Many plant owners and employers complain about metallic scents or odors present around machines in their manufacturing unit. The oil present in your equipment could be creating issues due to the presence of increased impurities in it. When the oil is contaminated with pollutants or not filtered properly, you may also notice the presence of fumes around your machines. All of these indicate that you have to invest in a quality oil filtration system to keep your devices running smoothly.

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