Equipment reliability is what a company needs to keep running profitably and efficiently. To achieve this, it is imperative to set up and implement a practical as well as an effective preventive maintenance program. Most companies overlook regular equipment checks while focusing on resolving more pressing issues.

It is important to understand that when a small maintenance task is delayed or ignored, it can lead to even more complicated issues such as asset damage, production errors, work injuries, increased downtime, etc. Therefore, make sure an effective preventive maintenance plan is a key part of your operating procedures. Here are steps that will help you create an effective equipment maintenance plan for your plant or facility:

Develop a plan

Before you implement preventive maintenance procedures, it is vital to determine who will be implementing the preventative maintenance plan. People from maintenance, finance, and other departments can be a part of your program depending on the size of your company. No matter the size of your company or maintenance team, make sure your staff is fully trained and committed to the program so that the maintenance program can be effectively implemented.

Most importantly, create a plan and document your goals for the project. Objectives can vary from company to company. Decreasing equipment downtime and maintenance cost are common goals every company wants to pursue.

Create an inventory for equipment

It is one of the most daunting processes to create an inventory of all the relevant equipment required to implement a preventive maintenance plan. However, it is impossible to achieve equipment reliability without having maintenance equipment. Some of the maintenance hardware tools include filtration systems, lubricant handling and dispensing tools, and a stock of the right lubricants. Check out some of our maintenance products.

Create procedures and schedules

Once you have all the necessary equipment and a plan in place, the next step is to assign different tasks and the frequency with which these tasks occur. You may have weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or yearly goals. Moreover, schedule these activities based on your priorities and requirements. It is important to keep track of everything included in the plan in order to achieve maximum results.

Motivate and train your maintenance team

It is crucial to have a team of well-trained and experienced maintenance personnel. While it takes resources and time to develop a preventive maintenance program, launch a training program to train your maintenance staff. The success of your project largely depends on the abilities of your maintenance team.

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