Lubricant cleanliness is a broad term that usually refers to the absence of various contaminants. So far as the measurement is concerned, 1 microscopic particle is considered the most alarming form of contamination in lubricants. The presence of contaminants can seriously damage the bearing surface and decrease the service life your machines. It is also one of the most common reasons why industries face unexpected breakdowns.

Industrial equipment requires the right kind of oil and in the right amount to prevent expensive breakdowns. Nevertheless, this is not enough to achieve success. If you don’t have oil cleaning systems in place and you use new oils without analyzing or ensuring their cleanliness, your oil could still be operating well under peak efficiency.

Is it important to filter new oils?

If you think it is not necessary to filter new oils, you need to revise your perception about new oils. Expert lube technicians recommend that new oils coming right out of the sealed drums should be filtered. Just because the oil container is properly sealed doesn’t mean the oil is completely free of abrasives. The manufacturing, blending, handling and packaging processes can cause all the contaminants to ingress and affect the quality of the oil. In addition, reconditioned steel drums are not thoroughly cleaned. Plastic drums are often considered cleaner than that of metal.

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How much does it cost to clean oils?

To make things simple, experts suggest that it costs ten times as much to remove contaminants once they have entered the equipment than it does to filter the oil in the first place. It can cost you even more than ten times to remove contaminants depending on the machine criticality, the nature of contaminant abrasiveness, and mechanical design. Before you deploy any technique to clear the system of contaminants, it is important to determine the type of contaminants and the points of entry. Make sure the lubricants you use are properly filtered and cleaned before they enter your machines.

Harvard filtration systems

Harvard filtration systems are ideal for removing dirt and water from oil and provide the cleanliness you need to ensure equipment reliability. From mining to aerospace, these filtration systems will help you achieve lubrication excellence.

Stationary as well as portable filtration systems can help you reduce maintenance costs and protect the environment. At Micro Lube, we have been providing premium lubrication products such as Harvard filtration systems which extend equipment and lubricants life. Visit our website for more information!