RMF filters help prevent machine downtime, but how? About 80% of machine breakdowns occur due to the pollutants in the machine's oil. How can your machine continue to function well if you do not supply it with the right kind of lubricant?

The filtration of lubricants is essential for achieving the highest efficiency and longer lifespan of industrial machinery. Clean oil will prolong the life of your machine and save it from early corrosion.

RMF filters play an active part in filtering particles, water, and airborne contamination from lubricants. A clean lubricant will keep your machine in excellent condition for years to come.

What Is RMF Filter?

RMF filters are magnetic filters that are used to filter oil before it is applied to the machine. RMF filters are better than conventional filters because they offer low restriction to oil filtering.

They don’t get clogged. This speeds up the process of providing a cleaner and contamination-free lubricant.

Benefits Of RMF Filters For Industrial Lubricants

RMF Filters Achieve The Desired Results

RMF filters achieve much better filtration results than conventional filters. They serve as a bypass filter that achieves the desired level of cleanliness until the oil is passed to the mainstream filter.

Mainstream filters are expensive, but the oil that reaches the mainstream filter is clean after passing through a RMF filter. Therefore, RMF filters serve as a protecting filter for them by cleaning the lubricants first.

No Limited Flow Of Filtration

Conventional filters trap particles and become clogged as they filter oil. This can slow down the filtration process, letting oil pass through your machine without first being filtered. Magnetic filters don’t clog and keep on performing their job. They are much faster than conventional filters.

Reduced Oxidation Of Oil

Steel particles have catalytic properties that cause oxidation. Moreover, the water and silt particles react and cause oxidation. Oxidation has bad impacts on lubrication, and can affect your machines.

This leads to early corrosion, varnish, and sludge. RMF filters reduce the risk of oxidation by removing silt and water from the oil.

Cost-Effective Solution For Filtering

RMF filters are not expensive. They act as a protective filter for mainstream filters. Therefore, mainstream filters can last longer because they don’t have to filter out those particles as they have already been filtered. This saves you from having to spend more on expensive mainstream filters.

Furthermore, RMF filters reduce machine downtimes. This prevents you from having to spend more on repairing your machines.

RMF Filters Are Environmental Friendly

RMF filters prevent frequent changing of oil. This is because they filter out the lubricants thoroughly, which increases the lifespan of your machines.

They won’t require frequent oil changes. This prevents excessive usage of oil, which is healthy for the environment, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Reduced Machine Downtime

Machines work better when their lubricant is well filtered. With RMF filters, there is a reduced chance of having to change your oil frequently. This reduces machine downtime, and it functions better.

Control And Monitoring

Another quality is that RMF bypass filters and off-line filters have measuring points to which a particle counter can be attached. This gives you an analysis of your oils cleanliness level while working or on-site. This feature helps in the live monitoring of oil filtration. It also gives you insights into maintenance requirements.

Final Thoughts

The quality of industrial lubricants has a major impact on the condition and longevity of your machines. Using the wrong filter can cause great setbacks, thereby affecting your industrial processes and costing you thousands of dollars.

RMF filters can be used in gearboxes, hydraulic systems, large machines, and more because of their advantages. Micro-Lube offers excellent lubricant filtration services with RMF systems.