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Aircraft Refueling Spring

The spring-operated reel comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate a wide range of conditions, and is a reliable and efficient way to manage hoses and fuel in commercial and industrial settings.


Balance Cable

Balance cable reels are commonly used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction and mining.


Cable Storage

The hand crank rewind hose reel is ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications that do not require an external power source for operation.


Carpet Cleaning Reels

Our carpet cleaning hose reels come in a range of sizes and configurations to suit any setup. We also offer models with integrated solution reels, which can help streamline your cleaning process and reduce the amount of equipment you need to carry.


Crank Rewind

This hand crank rewind hose reel is ideal for a variety of applications for commercial and industrial use for instance that do not require any external power source for operation.


Deadman Control

The system makes it easy to store hoses neatly and efficiently, reducing clutter and freeing up space in the facility. It also makes it easier for workers to access the hoses when they need them, saving time and increasing productivity.


Fire Protection

In addition to providing easy access to fire hoses, fire protection hose reels can also help to keep hoses organized and prevent kinks and tangles that can reduce their effectiveness in a fire emergency.


Hand Crank

The hand-crank mechanism allows for easy rewinding of the hose, while the durable construction is made to withstand heavy use and exposure to the elements.


Hydraulic Twin

Our twin hose hydraulic hose reel offers many benefits, including easy access to hoses when needed, reduced risk of damage or tangling, and improved safety in the workplace.

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