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Revolutionary designed product

The all new Spectrix Flush Face series Quick Connectors are designed to eliminate cross-contamination. All units are thoroughly tested beyond operational expectations and ensure a leak free fluid transfer.

MULTICOLOURED; the unique design allows a variety of colours to ensure each one cannot interchange with the other to eliminate cross contamination.

FLAT FACE; each receiver and nozzle has a flat face preventing the ingress of soil and foreign materials, which can sometimes accelerate wear on the receivers and nozzles as well as contribute to contamination.

QUALITY; combined with hardened steel and aircraft grade aluminium and thoroughly tested beyond normal operating parameters to ensure smooth operation in various conditions.

There are 12 different colour codes for nozzles and receivers with black being the evacuation tool which fits over all the receivers and evacuates waste fluid from any of the colour codes. This will ensure servicing of large scale vehicles is done quickly, efficiently and safe from contamination.



Max. Operating Pressure 103.4 bar (1500 psi)
Burst Pressure 172.50 bar (2500 psi) – when connected


Flomax uses the I.D. sealing surfaces to lessen the effect of scratches and contamination on the receiver. The keying mechanism with hardened stainless steel balls keeps all of the parts the same size only needing to vary one part. Making it possible to make up to 15 or more colour variations with the same consistent flow range, unlike competitors.



Body and Design – Flomax have machined hardened steel surfaces eliminating warping. This also ensures a leak free operation which has been tested repeatedly under pressure while being connected and disconnected. Flomax have designed the receivers to have a specially machined OD sealing surface to mate only with its corresponding nozzle. This allows them to manufacture up to 15 possible combinations.

Spring and Poppet Design – There are 2 great advantages related to the way the spring is designed. The first is that the spring is concealed within the poppet and not around the internal body of the receiver and this eliminates any obstruction to the flow path. The second is that it provides a smooth actuation preventing the poppet moving around and jamming. This allows consistent flow through all colour combinations.

O-rings and Seals – Flomax use the machined parts to determine the proper crush ratio for sealing. The spring pressure is much less critical with this design and with the internal type seals these are much less susceptible to dirt and soil contamination than a face seal. The static seals are nitrile and the dynamic seals are fluoro silicone and the exposed nozzle poppet o-ring is made from viton.

Nozzle (3/4” NPT) 0.4kg (0.9 lb
Nozzle (JIC) 0.5kg (1.1 lb)
Receiver 0.3kg (0.6 lb)
Evac Tool 0.45kg (1.0 lb)


FNBL Diesel Fuel Nozzle

  • Works with industry standard fuel receivers
  • Smallest and lightest diesel nozzle in the industry
  • Highest flow rate of any 1½” fuel nozzle
Flow rate 151 – 681.4 lpm (40 – 180 gpm)
Working pressure 8.6 bar (125 psi)
Burst pressure 17.2 bar (250 psi)
Standard shut off 0.55 bar (8 psi)

High Flow Nozzle & Receiver

  • Uses ball bearing latching mechanism
  • Light weight and durable
  • Receiver comes with removable sleeve for easy service
Flow rate Up to 1500 lpm (400 gpm)
Working pressure 8.6 bar (125 psi)
Burst pressure 17.2 bar (250 psi)
Standard shut off 0.55 bar (8 psi)

Non-Pressure Fuelling Systems

  • Available either as External or Internal
  • A Capable of higher flow rates than all competitors
  • A Factory tested prior to shipping
  • A Compatible with industry standard nozzles
Flow rate 1892 lpm (500 gpm) – external
757 lpm (200 gpm) – internal
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