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Kaydon Filtration is a leader in particulate and water separation systems specifically designed for industrial plant lube oil and transferred/stored diesel fuel. For more than 75 years, Kaydon has set a standard in oil filtration and conditioning that others have tried to duplicate. Our company, however, began its impressive growth more than 120 years ago in Fort Wayne, Indiana with a single solution – the invention of a water pump. Today, we design, engineer, and manufacture some of the industry’s most effective oil filtration and purification equipment.

Kaydon Filtration provides an extensive lineup of premium filtration products which allow power plants to generate power more efficiently. Kaydon Filtration is a leading global provider of premium filtration products.

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For more than 75 years, Kaydon Filtration has been an expert at providing state-of-the-art filtration technology for lube oil, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, and other hydrocarbon fluids. The multi-layered design of our filter elements delivers exceptional particle retention and extended element life. Our filtration, coalescer, and water-absorbing elements are designed to help meet the expected fuel life while combining performance and cost effectiveness.

Take a look at Kaydon’s elements to learn how they can work in your application:

  • TURBO-TOC® turbine oil conditioning systems utilize a unique set of filter elements to treat particulate and water contamination.
  • KAYMAX® filtration elements use an inert, fixed pore, impregnated fiber matrix media for maximum strength and increased dirt capacity.
  • KAYFLOTM (KF) filter elements are used for general purpose and Model KB filter elements are used for basic purpose industrial oil and fuel applications.
  • KAYDRI® (KQD) water removal filter elements are designed to remove water, by using absorption, from lube oil, hydraulic oil, and diesel fuel.
  • PulseShieldTM Hydraulic Fluid Filters provide increased dirt-holding capacity by as much as 30% in comparison to conventional filter elements.
  • The Model KM 7500 filter elements are used for critical industrial oil and fuel applications.
  • The Model CI coalescer elements are used with HF-FC series portable oil filtration carts for water separation and filtration of diesel fuels.
  • Kaydon Fuel Filter Element Separators are designed and constructed with special hydrophobic materials to provide a barrier to water coalesced with Kaydon Filtration CI coalescer elements.

PulseShieldTM Hydraulic Fluid Filters


Filter elements with the PulseShield compression sleeve are also available with low conductivity and ESD technology. For applications where static discharge has become an issue or where the fluid conductivity is less than 500 pS/m, e.g. for zinc and ash-free oils, this construction is recommended. This unique element design prevents damage in the filter layers caused by static build-up. The e-protect design is marked with the suffix “EP” at the end of the element description.

PulseShield Compression Sleeve Technology

The compression sleeve secures the pleated star media firmly to the inner core and guarantees uniform pleat separation throughout the entire service life of the filter element. This provides ideal filtration results, even through pressure pulsations, triggered by changing volume flows that may occur in the fluid system.

Fluctuations in separation performance (ß values) are no longer a concern. The negative effects of short-term backflows are negated by the PulseShield compression sleeve.


Model CI-3520 and CI-35XXP Series Fuel Coalescer Elements

The Kaydon Filtration CI Series Coalescer Elements are used for water separation and filtration of diesel fuel #1 and #2. The CI coalescer elements, coupled with a Kaydon Filtration separator element, provide a high degree of water removal and particle filtration.

The CI coalescer elements offer a simple and efficient solution for diesel fuel conditioning. The CI-35XXP family of elements are a patented design utilizing multiple types of fiberglass in a pleated construction. Flow rates and efficiencies are increased over traditional fuel coalescers with the CI-3510P, 20P and 40P design.



Diesel Fuel #1 & #2


  • Prefiltration stage for particle removal
  • Water removal efficiency exceeds ASTM D975 Diesel Fuel #2 Specification1
  • Extended coalescer life
  • Advanced technology with the CI-35XXP series


  • Particale removal during the prefiltration stage protects the coalescing fibers which extends the service life and helps maintain water removal efficiency
  • Maximizes uptime for diesel powered equipment
  • CI coalescer elements are replaced once every four to six months2 reducing space and stock requirements for extra coalescer elements
  • Provides customers increased engine durability and protection, reduction of equipment failure rates due to contaminated fuel, and extended on-engine filter life
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