Benefits Of An Oil Bulk Storage System

Benefits Of An Oil Bulk Storage System Any industry that undergoes a tremendous amount of work every day and involves many machines depends on an efficient lubrication system. The need for an efficient lubrication system is important because it helps in reducing downtime, improves operating profitability, and increases the overall efficiency of the operation of that industry. However, lack of proper lubrication and the inability of oils at the time of need can cause downtimes and might lead to significant loss in the industry. Keeping the need for lubrication under consideration, it has become necessary to make sure that all the lubricants and related products are readily available. This is necessary to avoid hurdles in the hour of need as bulk oil storage makes it possible to make readily available all the necessary lubricants. In the past, people used to store lubricants in drums of 55 gallons or more. At that time, it was considered to be the simplest and most efficient way of keeping the lubricants and delivering them wherever necessary. However, storing the lubricants in the drums increased the risk of contamination and human error and caused other safety issues. Therefore, some other method was required where lubricants could be stored for a long time without any potential risk of contamination. That is where the bulk storage system for lubrication played its active role to have a central location for all the lubricants. It also helps in reducing contamination and aids in the easy dispensing of lubricants. This blog post also highlights the importance and benefits of keeping the lubricants and other oils in bulk systems.

The Bulk System Is Visually Intuitive

Previously lubricants were stored in drums, and drum labels were hard to read. This often made it difficult for the workers to locate a certain type of lubricant based on its name, viscosity, date code, manufacturer, equipment application, and so on. Moreover, the labels on the drums easily faded, making it unreadable or unexplainable which lubricant was in that drum. All this difficulty in reading led to the usage of the wrong oil in the wrong type of machine. Therefore, such wrong applications led to costly and potentially dangerous safety issues and errors. On the other hand, the bulk storage system uses color-coded options to make lubrication more visually intuitive and easier to read for everyone. They eliminate any guesswork from the maintenance process and also avoid any cross-contamination. The labels on bulk storage systems are easy to read and consistently placed. The workers have to spend less time finding the right type of lubricant for a particular machine, and therefore, ensure that the right lubricant goes to the right machine at the right time.

It Reduces Labor Costs

A bulk lubrication storage system also reduces labor costs because it eliminates the continuous removal and replacement of the gallon drums. In a bulk storage system, less time is spent on such types of chores, and that reduces the labor cost significantly.

It Eliminates Contamination

Contamination is the enemy of proper lubrication, and it is even more common in drum storage systems. Bulk storage lubrication systems avoid contamination because they are properly stored. Many people have this misconception that new oil is clean oil. However, this is not the case. In the drum system, drums are sometimes left partially open, which are exposed to the environment and provide a breeding ground for contamination. Moreover, improper storage environments, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to moisture and dirt can cause significant contamination in the lubricants. On the other hand, bulk storage systems provide a centralized hub for the proper storage of lubricants and avoid any kind of exposure to moisture and dirt. They are compliant with the cleanliness, and reliability and thus avoid any type of cross-contamination or environmental contamination.

Final Words

A bulk storage system can provide better safety and reliability. It helps in using the correct type of lubricant in the correct machine due to the easily readable codes. Moreover, the reduced risk of contamination also makes it one of the best methods to keep your lubricants.

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What Must A Bulk Storage System Have To Properly Protect Its Lubricants?

What Must A Bulk Storage System Have To Properly Protect Its Lubricants When we talk about large industrial facilities, the consumption of industrial lubricants is very high. It is not feasible for them to buy lubricants in smaller volumes. It is a usual practice for industrial owners to buy industrial lubricants in bulk. But along with this comes the challenge of how to store the lubricants in a properly selected and maintained bulk storage system. An effective bulk storage system must contain certain elements, which are discussed below.

Enough Space

A bulk storage system must have enough space to accommodate the required quantity of containers containing the lubricants. You must keep in mind that there needs to be ample space for the staff and oil dispensing equipment to pass through the containers. The selection of the bulk storage place is crucial for the efficient use of the lubricants. A lack of space will increase the chances of accidents, collisions, and consequently spilling. There has to be ample space to move the containers and other equipment to keep operations running smoothly.

Appropriate Temperature

The bulk storage space must also have a suitable temperature. For lubricants, there is a specific range of temperature from 0 to 25 degrees celsius. This is considered to be the ideal range for a lubricant. Another point to consider here is that direct exposure to sunlight can affect the color and appearance of the lubricants. So, the storage place must not let in direct sunlight.

Contamination Free Containers

You must be a hundred percent sure that the containers you are using to store your lubricants are contamination-free. There must not be any dust, used lubricants, water, or any other substance that can deteriorate the purity of the lubricant. This can reduce or even completely ruin the performance of your lubricants. Using appropriately cleaned and maintained containers ensures that the lubricants remain in their original pure state. Keeping your lubricants contamination-free, allows them to remain useful and efficient for your machinery.

Controlled Environment

The environment of your bulk storage place must be in your control. There must be known elements which you can control that you can either stop or use to affect your lubricants’ strength and purity. You must keep any harmful elements away from your storage place to ensure the enhanced lifespan of your lubricants. The temperature, light, humidity levels, and other weather and climate conditions must be under your control. This way, you can ensure that the lubricants will not lose their integrity and strength. It is crucial to keep your lubricants in their original state to perform at their best when put in the machinery through a proper oil dispensing system.

Trained Staff Members

After ensuring all the things mentioned above, you need to have trained and capable staff who can maintain your storage space. The most crucial thing to ensure is that you check the expiry dates of your lubricants. Buying lubricants and keeping in mind their requirements and date of expiry is their main job. They are the ones who will keep a constant check on which lubricant is for which machinery. Properly inspecting the storage place and ensuring nothing happens to the lubricants is the job of capable and responsible staff members. You can’t afford to buy expensive industrial lubricants and leave them in a storage place on their own. Having no one experienced and responsible enough to take care of your lubricants can prove costly. To prevent your lubricants from being wasted, you need trained and experienced staff to look after your lubricants and the entire storage space. This will help prevent the loss and damage of your lubricants and the storage space too. Micro-Lube is one the most trustworthy industrial lubricant providers in the Edmonton region. We have a complete range of products and offer oil filtration, dispensing, and storage products and solutions. To get in touch with us, click here.
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