Tips For Industrial Machine Maintenance

Tips-For-Industrial-Machine-Maintenance All industrial machines require regular maintenance and care. Preventive and scheduled maintenance is crucial to improving the lifespan of the equipment. Industrial machines undergo a lot of wear and tear every day. They have to continuously work to produce different items related to mining, farming, construction pieces, and more. Any type of downtime can result in significant loss to the industry owners as well as the stakeholders. Breakdowns are bound to happen, and expensive replacements are necessary in such cases. However, such breakdowns and downtimes can be avoided by regular maintenance. Moreover, preventive measures can also make these machines last for years with reasonable efficiency and capacity. A few important steps are necessary for proper industrial machine maintenance. As you take these steps, you can avoid main performance issues associated with unexpected repairs or loss of efficiency. So what are the steps that allow industrial machines to perform at their best? This blog post mentions some important tips you can opt for to ensure the proper maintenance of your industrial machines.

Lubricate Them Properly

Effective lubrication is necessary to ensure the machine lasts for years. For any machine which consists of several moving parts, the regular application of lubricant and checking its quality is crucial for its long-term maintenance. Heavy machinery that works daily requires maintenance. Its components, especially the engines and the power trains, demand frequent lubrication. Also, the hydraulic lifts and bearings must be monitored continuously and lubricated if you see any sign of wear. Therefore, you must choose high-quality industrial lubricants from a reliable industrial lubricant provider. Also, keep your lubricant away from water, as water is a major source of corrosion. Proper lubrication can prevent corrosion and keep the machines in a good condition.

Keep A Maintenance Schedule

One of the basic steps you must take to maintain your industrial machines is to have a maintenance schedule in place. You must hire professional facility operators who know how to visually inspect equipment and conduct a proper maintenance schedule that is healthy for your machines. If you do not maintain a proper maintenance schedule, you might not remember the last time you actually conducted an inspection and maintenance. Your machinery might be on the verge of a breakdown without you knowing it. Therefore, you must keep a detailed record of all the maintenance you have done in the past, so you have a proper maintenance schedule and know when to conduct maintenance.

Keep Your Machines Clean

Dirt and other types of contaminants can accumulate on industrial machines, which can reduce their performance efficiency. Also, exposure to moisture for a long time can cause corrosion on the machine’s critical parts. Seals and filters can help you cover heavy machinery to protect their important parts from contamination. Therefore, they must be inspected and changed regularly. Be sure to hire the right professionals to clean your industrial machines and lubricate the machines properly.

Final Words

Apart from lubrication and keeping our machines clean, investing in operator training can directly impact your industrial machine’s health. Your employees should know and follow the best practices possible to ensure your machines remain in good condition. Moreover, you must store your large machinery under cover whenever possible. Also, look for any signs of wear and tear to get ahead of possible breakdowns.

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Top 4 Tips To Properly Maintain Your Machines Bearings

Top 4 Tips To Properly Maintain Your Machines Bearings Bearings are an important component of machines, as they support the rotor shaft, gears and wheels that help the machine rotate more smoothly. If the bearing of the machine gets damaged then the whole machine will stop working, so if you want your machine to work smoothly then you will need to make sure that its bearings are in good condition. One of the main reasons for bearing failure is improper lubrication, most of the time the bearing of a machine stops working because it is not properly lubricated. Another reason for bearing failure is low-quality lubrication. There are many uncertified lubrication sellers that sell low-quality products, so you should always purchase your lubrication from a certified industrial lubricant supplier. Also, at times, industry owners can end up choosing the wrong lubricant for their bearings resulting in bearing failure. So to avoid this you should get an on-site inspection of your machines by an expert. Industrial machines rely on their bearings for smooth rotational movements, to achieve this you will need to maintain the bearings properly. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 4 tips that will help you maintain your bearings.

Handle Them Properly

In order to protect the machine’s bearings from dirt, dust and moisture, you will need to store and handle them properly. You should store your bearings at room temperature in a clean, and dry environment. Because when bearings are handled carelessly they can become exposed to moisture which leads to corrosion and contamination. So to avoid this you need to make sure that your bearings are stored and handled correctly. Bearings in industrial machines are one of the most delicate yet important components therefore they should be treated with care. Carelessness on your part can result in premature failure, so make sure you handle your bearings properly.

Use Professional Tools

It is important that you handle your bearings with the proper tools and equipment. You should use specialist tools while handling your bearings. Because if you use tools that are not specifically designed for your bearings then during mounting and dismounting it will cause unnecessary wear and damage to your bearings. Tools such as induction heaters and bearing pullers are specially designed for bearings.

Properly Mount Your Bearings

Another important tip to maintain your bearings is to properly mount them. Proper mounting depends upon the type of bearing and the type of fit. For instance, a radial ball bearing ring can be mounted by sliding or tight press fits as it depends upon the speed, vibration levels and the type of load. If, while mounting your bearing, you apply pressure on the wrong ring, there are chances that it will cause damage to the rolling element of the bearing. Similarly, excessively tight or loose bearing fits will also result in a poor finish and will cause out-of-order round shafts.

Proper Lubrication

One of the main reasons for industrial machine bearing failure is lubrication failure. This includes using the wrong lubricant, as well as using too little or too much lubrication. You can choose the correct lubrication for your bearing by considering the temperatures, environmental conditions, load and speed of the machine. It is advised that you hire a lubrication specialist, as he/she will help you in finding the ideal lubricant for your industrial machine bearings So the best way to avoid improper lubrication is by hiring a certified lubrication specialist.

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4 Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Heavy Machinery

4 Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Heavy Machinery Machines are an important part of mining projects and manufacturing units. No business wants to experience machine downtime as it affects its product manufacturing process and causes an additional monetary load. Keeping these heavy machines in working order is crucial for businesses globally. Unplanned downtime comes with enormous financial costs and may even cause your business to lose its competitive edge. Heavy machinery is the backbone of the manufacturing and mining business. Proper care of these machines will not only save you money but will also protect your workers from any mishap. Machine breakdowns are not just costly but also compromise the safety of your workers. Preventive maintenance ensures better performance, saves fuel and energy consumption, and nurtures a safe work environment. Here are 4 tips to help you maintain your heavy machines and increase their longevity.

Regular Lubricant Replacement

Lubricants increase the efficiency of machines and keep them in good working order. All heavy machines depend on lubricants to work effectively. Lubricants reduce the friction around the moving parts of the machine, which results in less wear and tear. Lubricants also help prevent soot build-up and keep the interior of the machines clean. Regular lubricant replacement is the first and the most important thing to maintain when performing maintenance checks. This will help you keep your machine in good working condition. While doing a maintenance check, keep the following in mind:
  • Check the lubricant level frequently. Also, look for excessive grease build-up and oil seal leaks regularly.
  • It’s important that you use the right amount of lubricant. Using too little lubricant will run the risk of increased friction. Whereas, using excessive lubricant, can cause build up grease and cause performance issues.
  • Make sure that you use the lubricant that is prescribed in the operations manual and recommended by the manufacturer.

Clean The Machine Thoroughly

Cleaning the machine thoroughly is as important as maintaining the lubricants levels. Thorough cleaning of your machine will increase its lifespan. Dirt, debris, and soot can clog filters, seals, cooling fans, and vents, decreasing the overall performance of your machine. The easiest way to clean your machine is with a water hose that will forcefully remove the dust and debris from your machine. However, there are few parts of the machine such as its iron chains and pins that are difficult to clean with a water hose. You will have to use special cleaning methods like pressure or power washing to clean such parts of your machine.

Check For Wear And Tear

Different factors can cause wear and tear over time such as accidents, aging, and the environment. Even if you take all the precautionary measures you can not avoid aging, with time the machines parts will start to age. Aging will affect almost all the critical components of your machine. By checking for wear and tear you will be able to change the affected parts of your machine and increase the overall lifespan of your machine.

Train Your Employees

Most wear and tear is caused by incompetent employees who do not know how to operate a machine. Unskilled employees can also cause equipment failures and injuries. An incompetent employee can cause damage to your machines and business. So it’s very important that you train your employees. Make sure all your employees know how to operate heavy machinery, what the emergency action plan is, and which safety precautions they should take when operating the machine. Training your employees is key to ensure the longevity of your equipment.


Heavy equipment is a substantial financial investment. The aforementioned tips will help you maintain your heavy equipment and increase its lifespan.

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Possible Causes Of A Noisy Bearing

Possible Causes Of A Noisy Bearing Bearings are a significant component of any piece of rotating machinery. Their primary function is to support the rotating shaft whilst reducing friction to help smoothen motion. Bearings are a small yet important part of any machine. They carry the body weight of the machine and the production load. Since they are well hidden inside the body of the machine they are often overlooked, despite being the main reason for smooth production. The only time we give them attention is when they start producing noise. This noise is often an indication that the bearings are about to fail. To avoid such scenarios, you should conduct regular inspections of your machine. Your bearings are a vital part of your machine and should be given proper attention to ensure the smooth running of your machinery. Possible reasons for a noisy bearing include contamination, corrosion, lubrication failure, etc. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the possible causes of a noisy bearing.

Lubrication Failure

The most common reason behind noise coming out of your machine is that the lubrication you have used has failed. Lubrication failure means that either you have used an improper lubricant or have not applied the lubricant correctly. If the rolling elements of your machine have discolored, this means the lubrication has failed. Sometimes while applying a lubricant other particles mix with it causing your machine’s bearings to fail. The best way to avoid lubrication failure is to buy industrial lubricants from a professional company that deals with lubricants. Also, avoid grease loss, and follow the appropriate relubrication intervals to ensure the longevity of your machine’s bearings.


Due to low-quality grease, moisture, acid, a corrosive environment, and condensation from excessive temperature the bearing can fail. All of this causes corrosion to the finely finished surfaces of the bearing. The increased vibrations as well as red and brown stains on the rolling elements of your machine indicate corrosion. To avoid corrosion you need to buy quality lubricants and direct the corrosive fluids away from the bearings areas. If you cannot avoid corrosive elements from reaching your bearings, use stainless steel to protect your bearings.


When other elements such as dirt, dust, steel chips from dirty tools, or contaminated areas mix with the lubrications they cause contamination. Contamination causes the smooth surface of the bearings to corrode. To avoid contamination, filter the lubrication, and clean your work area and tools. This will help you to reduce the risks of breaking your machine’s bearings.

Incorrect Mounting

Improper mounting is another reason for a noisy bearing. When the mount is not done correctly it can result in premature failure. To avoid this you need to follow proper mounting instructions and give training to all your employees so that everyone knows the difference between a properly and improperly installed mount.


Fatigue can be caused due to multiple reasons such as overload, tight inner-ring fix, and using your bearings beyond their life expectancy. To avoid this you need to check your machine, and look for signs of fatigue and change your bearings after its calculated fatigue life.


Overheating is usually caused by improper lubrication and excessive operating temperatures. High temperatures can cause grease to leak and mix with the lubrication reducing its efficiency. Higher temperatures also lessen the hardness of the metal, causing early failure. To mitigate overheating use a proper cooling system and make adequate heating paths.

Final Word

Proper inspections and the usage of quality industrial lubricants will help you avoid breaking your machine’s bearings. Lubricants play an important role in the protection of your machinery. They increase the lifespan and efficiency of the machinery. Low-quality lubricants can damage your machinery. So, it’s vital that you buy your industrial lubricants from a well-known company.

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