GearMate® 1000 ICT


  • Type: Multi Service Open Gear Lubrican
  • Grade: Arctic, Light, Heavy, Extra Heavy, Super Heavy
  • Base material: Lithium
  • Packaging: Pails, Kegs, Drums, Shuttle Tanks


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Whitmore's toughest lubricant recommended for use on draglines and shovels. This lubricant contains a high molecular weight polymer that resists drying, oxidation, and thermal decomposition. It does not emulsify in water, making it ideal for components exposed to rain, ice and snow, and in many areas, a single grade can be used year-round. GearMate 1000ICT is enhanced with an improved coating technology that establishes a dark, non-transparent coating on metal so operators can easily identify the lubricant is in its correct place and quantity.

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