Chain and Conveyor Lubrication

Centralized systems

  • Allows for several different applications to lubricants and served by one central pumping station with controls and reservoir
  • Available in 12 and 55-gallon capacities

Micro Controllers

  • User-friendly keypad for inputs
  • 2 line digital display menu
  • Fault warning lights
  • Programmable features - on count inputs or machine running time
  • The ability to lubricate several applications by using one microcontroller


  • Micro-lubes are heavy-duty extreme pressure and anti-wear chain lubricants designed for use on all types of conveyors. These lubricants have superior lubrication properties over a wide temperature range (-65 F to 700 F)
  • Micro-lubes are designed to provide excellent corrosion protection and water displacing properties over convention type chain/conveyor lubricants. In addition to its’ corrosion prevention properties, this lubricant also has a higher tolerance for acidic environments.
  • Micro-lubes are a thin film / dry film lubricant. When applied it cleans off grease, extraneous oils and carbon build-up. The high wetting characteristics allow this lube to penetrate further than most other lubes, that allows the target area to be well lubricated.
  • Micro-lubes have been formulated to provide the proper amount of penetration and disperse without allowing the lubricant to drip off the chain conveyor. Micro-lubes leave microfilm of lubricating moly which has a film strength of 100,000 PSI.
  • Brush Cleaning systems
  • Motorized and non-motorized
  • Prevents build-up of paint, rush, chemicals, and particulates
  • Available for all types of chain conveyors


  • Micro-Lube believes in taking a proactive approach to equipment maintenance. Our goal is to provide the end-user with a lubrication system that reduces maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Micro-Lube offers to provide documents service reports, cause-based recommendations and adjustments for optimal lubricating performance.