Grease Fitting Protector Kit - 1/4" - 3 Color - KIT D

  • Grease Fitting Protector Kits come in various sizes (1/4", 13/32", 17/32") and suit most common grease fittings
  • Pre-assembled kits include 20 pieces of each color. (60 pieces)
  • Use as part of the OilSafe fully integrated, color-coded visual fluid management system
  • Recessed head for secure label placement
  • Innovative design ensures easy removal from zerk fitting — even when wearing gloves
  • Durable industrial grade materials
  • Makes grease fittings easy to locate

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OilSafe pre-configured, 3 color Grease Fitting Protector Kit comes in blue, purple and red. This OilSafe color-coded system enables the dedication of a specific color to a specific grease. It includes space for labeling the GFP clearly identifies which grease is required for the fitting.

Create your own custom 0.5" labels or choose from our selection of matching pre-printed 0.5" label kits.

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