Common Industrial Lubrication Problems And How To Fix Them

July 28, 2022

Industrial lubrication problems are not something anyone can identify easily. Even ones involved in the process can not tell what is going wrong until the problem becomes pervasive. Sometimes, workers do not even know that the recurring machine downtimes are just because they are making some mistakes in the lubrication. Either the lubricant type they are using is incorrect, or the intervals between two lubrication times are long. Also Read: Lubricant Storage And Handling: It Matters More Than You Think Thus, the problems with industrial lubricants are covert and not easy to identify. The following blog enlists major industrial lubrication problems and how you can fix them. Alternatively, you can contact a reputed industrial lubricants supplier for high-end advice.

Lack Of Properly Defined Procedures

Just like a chain is as strong as its weakest link, great lubrication programs are only as effective as the people involved in them. The biggest problem in this scenario is the retirement of the technicians. As baby boomers are subsequently reaching their retirement age, they are taking a whole lot of experience with them. The lack of knowledge and dependency on technology by millennials is creating a procedural hole in activities. Hence, the main problem with modern lubrication plants and plans is a lack of procedural knowledge. The incharge technicians work at a place for years and do not transfer that knowledge to their subordinates. So, when the subordinates start working on their own, they only rely on inadequately written procedures. Unfortunately, unwritten procedures that are the keys to successful lubrication leave a facility with the retirees. When they are not there, it only causes problems, and people have to take time to learn them by trial and error.

The Remedy

Thorough proper documentation of even the smallest practices in the lubrication process and clear instructions on lubricant storage and handling can help avoid procedural problems when the responsible technicians retire or switch jobs.


Many plant workers and lubrication experts fail to understand that the grease gun is an instrument that requires precision. The overuse of grease can cause many problems and damage the machine instead of soothing it. The simple practice is to attach the grease gun to the bearing and work the lever up until the grease starts oozing out of it. While this may be an effective way to grease the hinges, this practice should not be generalized to all appliances. Over-greasing can become a serious problem and result in early bearing failure, contamination ingression, and high operating temperatures.

The Remedy

To avoid over-greasing your appliances, calculating the amount of grease every bearing requires and determining the output of the grease gun is a great way to start the optimal greasing procedure. However, there are other concerns that need to be addressed as well. For instance, every grease gun has varied outputs. To deal with this, standardize a single type of grease gun so that the output when lubricating the gears is constant. Similarly, make sure that a single type of grease is used in one grease gun, as mixing two different lubricants can cause problems. Moreover, make sure you get your lubricants and lubrication tools from a trusted lubricant supplier. In this way, you will not have to worry about the contaminants and problems caused by low-quality or substandard greasing lubricants.

Lack of A Labeling System

Lubricants come in very similar packaging. When greasing machines, there are chances that you might mix the lubricants and use the wrong ones if they are not labeled properly. Not labeling the lubricants is yet another very common problem with most lubrication processes.

The Remedy

Develop a proper lubrication system. You can have pre-made labels made from the manufacturers and lubricant sellers and attach them to the grease cans. Developing a labeling system is time-consuming, but once done, it saves you from many lubrication potholes.

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