Aircraft Refueling Spring

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The spring-operated reel comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate a wide range of conditions, and is a reliable and efficient way to manage hoses and fuel in commercial and industrial settings.

Our Aircraft Refueling Hose Reel is compatible with a wide range of fuel types and can be used for various applications, including aircraft refueling, fuel transfer, and fuel dispensing.


Standard Equipment
  • 500 psi on 1” through 1 1/2” reels
  • Positive lock & unlock ratchet (non-sparking)
  • Roller guides
  • Ball bearings, both sides

ModelHoseDimensions in inches
SH5D2-073/4″50′2526 1/251114 1/22011
SH6E2L-073/4″75′2526 1/261115 1/22012
SH6E2-101″50′2526 1/261116 1/42012
SH8E2L-101″75′2526 1/281118 1/42014
SH10E2-121 1/4″50′2526 1/2101120 1/42016
SH10E2L-151 1/2″50′2526 1/2101120 1/42016
SJ10E2-202″40′2829 1/2101619 3/42016 1/2

* For spoke rims add 1” to E & G dimensions.


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