BioRail® – Rail Lubricants

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  • Type: Rail Lubricants
  • Grade: NLGI 0, 1, 1.5, 2
  • Base material: EP – Calcium Sulfonate Complex LF – Lithium
  • Packaging: Pails w/Liners, Kegs, Drums, Non-returnable Totes, Shutle Tanks


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BioRail® EP and LF biodegradable rail curve lubricants, prove that you don’t have to compromise performance in order to be environmentally responsible. BioRail has proven itself, not only in the laboratory, but where it counts – on the rail. Its stable chemistry ensures that it pumps in the coldest climates and stands up at the wiping bar in all weather conditions. This lubricant provides outstanding gauge-face lubrication on rail curves.

BioRail LF passes the Modified MITI (OECD 301C) test for ready biodegradability.


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