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Integrated with Solvancer® patent-pending technology, Boost VR+ improves the solubility of the in-service hydraulic oil and as a result, varnish and sludge dissolve back into the oil. Compared to other varnish removal solutions, Boost VR+ creates a cleaner, more cost-effective way of eliminating varnish and extending the life of your machinery.

Boost VR+ reduces your maintenance costs, saves you time, and consequently, generates a bigger bottom line. Apart from effectively eliminating varnish, Boost VR+ doesn’t come with risk. While other oil varnish removal methods run the risk of machine damage, Boost VR+ guarantees a safer and cleaner way.

  • No Need for Flushing – Boost VR+ eliminates the need for potentially hazardous detergent or chemical flushing.
  • Removes Varnish and Sludge through Dissolution – The unique chemistry of Boost VR+ increases oil solvency to re-solubilize deposits
  • Compatible with Your Lubricant – Boost VR+ is compatible with all PAO-based and mineral lubricants
  • Easy to Use – All you need to do is add Boost VR+ to the lube system one month before an oil change and connect an ESP system. Then, at the beginning of your outage, replace your hydraulic fluid.
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