Cable Storage

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The hand crank rewind hose reel is ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications that do not require an external power source for operation. Electric motorized reels feature automated storage and retrieval systems that utilize an electric motor to power the reel. These reels can be mounted on walls, floors, or ceilings for convenience and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different lengths and diameters of cable.


Standard Equipmen
  • Ball bearings both sides
  • Heavy-duty construction
Optional Equipment
  • 12-volt or 115-volt motors
ModelCable DiameterDimensions in inches
1/2″3/4″1″1 1/2″ABCDECEEFG
1106-20S200′100′75′2021 1/261115162012
1110-22S500′200′100′2223 1/2101119202016
1115-22S650′300′200′2223 1/2151124252021
1115-25S900′500′300′2526 1/2151124252021
1610-25S100′50′2526 1/2101619202016
1615-25S150′75′2526 1/2151624252021
1620-28S200′100′2829 1/2201629302026
1625-28S300′150′2829 1/2251634352031

Add prefix:

EC – for gear crank

EE – for electric motor


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