D Series Spin-On Filter Element

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  • Proprietary filter media design ensures superior dirt retention over other elements
  • Internal O-ring gasket eliminates leakage
  • Viton seals offer the widest chemical compatibility


When your system demands the ultimate in fluid cleanliness, our D Series Spin-On Filter Elements are an important line of defense in maintaining fluid quality. These single-pass filter elements can help you save on costly component replacement and minimize equipment downtime. They are available in various micron and water removal sizes to fit your needs.

Standard Features

Max. Working Pressure: 350 PSI Burst Pressure: 800 PSI Thread Size: 1-3/4” – 12 Operating Temperature: -40ºF to 190ºF Compatibility: Compatible with all of the D Series filtration products.

Filter Elements

Part Number BETA Rating Desired Cleanliness Level (ISO Code)
P1066 ß4(c)=2000 14/12/9 – 13/11/8
P1065 ß7(c)=2000 18/16/13 – 15/13/10
P1063 ß10(c)=1000 19/17/14 – 18/16/13
P1064 ß25(c)=2000 20/18/15 – 19/17/14
P1048WR Water Removal
All D Series elements measure 5” x 14”.


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