Deadman Control

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The system makes it easy to store hoses neatly and efficiently, reducing clutter and freeing up space in the facility. It also makes it easier for workers to access the hoses when they need them, saving time and increasing productivity. A versatile solution that can be customized to fit the specific needs of each facility. The system comes in a variety of sizes and configurations, allowing businesses to choose the right option for their particular application.

With its advanced safety features, convenience, and customization options, it can help businesses increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve worker safety.


Standard Equipment
  • Positive lock & unlock ratchet (non-sparking)
  • Roller guide
  • Powder coat finish

ModelHoseDimensions in inches
Twin HoseABEFG
SF4C2-DS50′ X 3/8″ 202214 3/4810

ModelHoseDimensions in inches
Twin HoseABEFG
SG4C2-DS100′ X 1/4″ 2223 1/215 1/22010
SG6C2-DS100′ X 3/8″ 2223 1/217 1/22012


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