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Integrated with Solvancer® patent-pending technology, the DECON AW is a superior hydraulic fluid enhancer solution that elevates in-service oil into an antioxidant and anti-wear system. With DECON AW, the hydraulic oil will withstand extremely high thermal loads, and your machinery and equipment will have a longer service life.

As a hydraulic fluid enhancement product, DECON AW is formulated to help facilities reduce unnecessary oil waste. As it extends the life of your hydraulic oil, you maximize your hydraulic fluids, cut costs, and reduce their environmental impact.

This proprietary technology replaces depleted antioxidants and replenishes the anti-wear characteristics of hydraulic oil. It replaces ineffective chemistry with a better and more cost-effective one.

Like the DECON (and unlike other conventional chemical solutions), the DECON AW features excellent oxidation stability and leaves no adverse effect on the performance of in-service hydraulic fluids.


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