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Integrated with Solvancer® patent-pending technology, DECON quickly dissolves varnish and organic deposits from machine internals, effectively decontaminating your material assets. It reduces the oil’s varnish potential and offers long-term protection against deposits and sludge.


The secret to DECON’s excellent performance is in its solubility. DECON has the same chemical characteristics as the contributors to oil degradation. Following the solubility principle of Like Dissolves Like, DECON effectively dissolves the agents that cause oil degradation without affecting the in-service oil’s chemistry or performance.

Outstanding Solubility – Features optimal solubility to dissolve oil deposits.

Exceptional Deposit Control – Prevents deposits from forming in the long run, unlike other chemical solutions for lubrication systems.

No Impact on Oil Performance – Produces no adverse impact on the oil’s demulsibility, air release, foam, etc.

Better Seal Compatibility – Offers better seal compatibility than mineral oil and handles changes in mass, volume, strength, and modulus better.


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