Hydraulic Twin

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Our twin hose hydraulic hose reel offers many benefits, including easy access to hoses when needed, reduced risk of damage or tangling, and improved safety in the workplace. The reel helps to extend the life of the hoses by protecting them from environmental hazards.

Our hydraulic twin hose reel is a reliable and efficient solution for storing and dispensing twin hydraulic hoses. It offers many benefits that can help improve the productivity and safety of your workplace.

Standard Equipment
  • 3,000 psi swivel joints
  • Positive lock & unlock ratchet (non sparking)
  • Roller guide

Air / Water Reels
ModelHoseDimensions in inches
SF5D2-03033/8″50′2021 1/2511182011
SG5D2-05051/2″35′2223 1/2511182011
SH5E2-05051/2″50′2526 1/2511182011
SG5E2-0705 *1/2″35′2223 1/2511192011
SH5E2-0705 *1/2″50′2526 1/2511192011
SH6E2-07073/4″35′2526 1/2611202012
SJ10E2-07073/4″50′2829 1/21011242016
SH6E2-10101″25′2526 1/2611212012


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