ID Tab

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  • Supplied in bags of 6 tabs
  • Use with a pre-printed or customized 0.5″ Label
  • 0.5″ label recess for secure label placement
  • Highly visual identification
  • Easily attach a 2″” x 3.5″” label with additional information by using a Label Leash and Label Pocket
  • Available in OilSafe’s 10 standard colors
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ID Tabs provide durable, color-coded labeling and fill point identification options when mated with a matching color-coded OilSafe Fill Point ID Washer and 0.5″ Label. Easily hang additional information using the hook located on the front of the ID Tab. Creates a highly visual, simple and reliable system for ensuring the right lubricant goes into the right machine every time. Where space is tight or the angle makes the label difficult to read, consider using a Swivel ID Tab. Weight: .02 lbs


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