Kawasaki® Offroad Kits

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Kawasaki® is a registered Trademark of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., LTD.


LSM036 – Kawasaki® Offroad Kits Kawasaki® Off-Road Lubrication Kits Wheel Loaders Lube
Points Install
Hours Premium Kit Part Number Standard Kit Part Number LCPR Pump Kit Part Number Kawasaki® 135ZX 27 24 LORK-KAW135ZX-P LORK-KAW135ZX-S LORK-KAW135ZX-LCPR Kawasaki® 135ZX w/ 32MAG Injectors 27 24 LORK-KAW135ZX-32MAG-P N/A LORK-KAW135ZX-32MAG-LCPR


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