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KayMax filters use an inert, fixed pore, impregnated fiber matrix media for maximum strength and increased dirt capacity. Our media represents the latest state-of -the-art construction technology. These high efficiency elements are integrated with upstream support layers and downstream drainage layers for pleat strength, geometric rigidity, and maximum dirt capacity for industry leading reliability. KayMax elements provide consistent performance from initial installation to their rated terminal pressure drop in accordance with stated ISO standards.

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Micron Ratings and Filtration Efficiency: 1µm, 3µm, 6µm, 12µm, or 25µm bx=200 (ISO 4572) bx(c)=1000 (ISO 16889) O-Ring Seal: Nitrile (B) (-45°F to 225°F) (-43°C – 106°C) Fluorocarbon (V) (-20°F to 250°F) (-29°C – 121°C) Element Capacity and Construction: Flow Direction: Outside – In One End Closed, Other End Open (o-ring) Inert Fixed Pore Media Corrosion Protective Endcap / Center Tube Element Dimensions (3.74” x __ ): 26 = 25.79” (65.507 cm) 39 = 38.81” (98.577 cm) Inside Diameter: 2.19″ (5.5626 cm) Collapse Pressure: ≥ 3045 psid (218 bar) Fluid Compatibility (ISO 2943): Petroleum oils, water glycols, water-oil emulsions with nitrile seals. Phosphate esters, diesters, and many other synthetic fluids with fluorocarbon seals.

KayMax High Efficiency Filters

  • Resistant to Severe Operating Conditions
  • Reliable and Consistent Performance
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Extend Service Life
  • Meet or exceed OEM requirements
  • ISO 9001:2008 Design, Manufacturing, and QMS
  • ISO 2942 Fabrication Integrity
  • ISO 16889 Multi-Pass Performance Efficiency
  • ISO 2943 Fluid Compatibility
  • ISO 3724 Flow Fatigue
  • ISO2941 Collapse Resistance
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Weight 1000 kg


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