Legacy™ M – Mining Lubricants

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  • Type: Grease
  • Grade: 1
  • Base material: Aluminum Complex
  • Packaging: Shuttle Tanks


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Nowhere is grease pumpability more important than on mining machines such as draglines and shovels. The lubrication lines are long, the temperature can drop to deep freeze conditions, and in many parts of the world the machines don’t stop in cold weather. Legacy M will pump to the boom point sheave bearing at -50 degrees F (-46°C). The thickener, synthetic oil and polymer in Legacy M have been selected with ease of pumping in mind, yet without sacrificing performance in summer conditions. For all but the hottest climates, this is an ideal high-performance multipurpose grease. This grease is highly water-resistant and suitable for use where low temperatures or water are present.

Suitable for use in high speed bearings up to DN speed 500,000.


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