LSL-1 R5

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Can be stand alone or placed in multiple injector manifolds. Adjustable output from .008CI to .080CI. Operating pressure from 1850PSI to 5000PSI.

LSG044 – LSL-1 R5 Servicing
LSL-1R5 Technical Specifications
XXX = Material|000=CRS, 303=SS303, 316=SS316
Description Supply Connection Output Connection Part Number
Single stand alone injector 3/8 NPTF Male 1/8 NPSF Female LSL-1-XXX-R5
Manifold replacement injector Manifold LSL-1A-XXX-R5
LSL-1R5 Manifold Assembly Technical Specifications
Injectors in Assembly Supply Connection Output Connection MTG Hol C/L Distance Manifold Part Number Assembly Part Number
1 Manifold – 3/8 NPTF 1/8 NPSF Female 1 MTG hole only LSL-M1-XXX-R5 LSL-M1A-XXX-R5
3 1.25″/3.175CM LSL-M3-XXX-R5 LSL-M3A-XXX-R5
4 2.50″/6.35CM LSL-M4-XXX-R5 LSL-M4A-XXX-R5
5 3.75″/9.525CM LSL-M5-XXX-R5 LSL-M5A-XXX-R5
6 5.00″/12.7CM LSL-M6-XXX-R5 LSL-M6A-XXX-R5


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