M Series Spin-On Filter Element

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Product Specifications

  • 5.06″ x 10.86 inches”
  • 10 micron filter element
  • (B10 = 1000)
  • Desired Cleanliness Level (ISO code): 18/16/13 – 17/15/12
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Our M-Series Spin-On Filter Elements are an important line of defense in maintaining fluid quality. These filter elements have a wide range of chemical compatibility, which allows them to be used in most of your industrial applications. They are available in multiple micron and water removal sizes to accommodate your needs.

Standard Features

Max. Working Pressure: 174 PSI

Thread Size: 1-1/2” – 16UN

Operating Temperature: -25ºF to 230ºF

Compatibility:Compatible with all of the M Series filtration products.

Filter Elements

Part Number BETA Rating Desired Cleanliness Level (ISO Code)
P1068 ß3(c)=1000 14/12/9 – 13/11/8
P1069 ß6(c)=1000 17/15/12 – 14/12/9
P1070 ß10(c)=1000 18/16/13 – 17/15/12
P1071 ß25(c)=1000 21/19/16 – 20/18/15
P1072WR Water Removal

All M Series elements measure 5” x 10”.


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