NEX.U.® – Central Processing Unit

Call For Pricing is the key NEX.U.® component.  Using a powerful 2.4 Ghz proecessor, 4 Gb RAM and with 64 Gb storage capacity, it controls all the system functions and manages the wired and wireless communication among the NEX.U.® components. has the following communication parts:
  • USB and RS232 for connecting peripheral accessories (ticket printer, RFID card reader, etc.)
  • Ethernet port to connect NEX.U.® to the workshop network using a router or a PC
  • Can-Bus in and out ports; for hard-wired connection with other system components also includes the U.track software.  U.track can be available through an existing or a new network and in any licensed terminal.  It can also be available as a stand alone system, with access through the U.dat keypads. U.track is a powerful software package that gives you full control of fluid usage and inventory.  It is a web based software that allows multiuser applications.  All PC’s or tablets under the same network can have access to the U.track (multiple user licences required).  U.track can work using Windows or Linux operating systems. U.track allows a simple, intuitive system set-up and simplifies regular maintenance tasks like adding and deleting operators, keeping fluid inventory and generating powerful reports. Thanks to U.track you will be able to:
  • Simple and intuitive system set-up
  • Simplified system maintenance (manage users, fluid inventory, etc.)
  • Manage all system hard-wired and wireless communications
  • Generate a wide variety of reports, which can be easily exported in Excel format
  • Record and manage Validated Preset Transactions (required for operating with
  • Transform any PC or any other terminal device in the workshop into a NEX.U.® virtual keypad (multiple user licenses required)
U.track also contributes to increase your operations efficiency and profitability:
  • Keeps control of every drop of fluid dispensed in the system
  • Improves inventory accuracy, generating automatic warnings and email notifications for reordering and critical predefined inventory levels
  • Generates a variety of reports, to help you to track dispense information such as date and time, technician, work order, fluid dispensed, volume delivered, etc.
U.track also makes it possible to connect with most workshop DMS systems. U.track can operate using a PC connected to and within a Wi-fi® network, or as a stand alone component.  In this case, access to U.track is done using the U.dat keypad.


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