NEX.U.® U.tank – Tank Level Monitor Module

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Tank level monitor module to control two tanks. When mounted in a NEX.U.® system it keeps real time inventory and increases operation safety preventing air entering into pumps when the tank is empty and overflow during clean oil delivery and in waste oil storage tanks.  It can also be used to control the general air supply to the pumps. U.tank has two independent graphic displays and level bars, each of them shows the inventory available in each tank.  It also has a set-up keypad for inventory adjustement if required(1). The number of input and output ports are:
  • One analogical input per tank for a probe (pressure or ultrasonic probe) with 4-20mA or 0-10v
  • Three digital inputs per tank for a low, intermediate or high level probe(1)
  • One output per tank for a solenoid valve to control air supply to each pump
  • One output per tank for an electro-pneumatic valve to prevent tank overfill
  • One output for controlling an air solenoid valve to stop the air supply to all pumps during the time the workshop is closed
U.tank supports Can-bus wired and Wi-Fi® wireless communication with other NEX.U.® system compenents.  It requires a 110-240v AC supply. (1)The use of digital probes does not allow real time inventory monitoring.  NEX.U.® will use declining balance for inventory control and will required manual inventory adjustment.


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