NEX.U.® U.valve & U.valve+ – Flow Control Valve

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NEX.U.® offers multiple optoins for control fluids flow.  All of them are based in a pulse meter and a 24v DC solenoid valve using a constant and reliable power source for dependable and accurate flow control.  All NEX.U.® flow meters include a double reed switch, this allows detecting changes in the flow direction. U.valve combines in a compact unit a high accuracy pulse meter, a solenoid valve and a large and cleanable fluid screen filter with the electronics required to control the meter and valve operation and to communicate with other system components.  Reduces installation time and eliminates the risk of leak when using separate components.  It has a large, high visibility LED display showing the U.valve number assigned in the system, four coloured LED lights that show the U.valve operation for diagnosis and two buttons for system configuration.  U.valve supports Can-bus cable communication that transmits data and the electric power required to open the solenoid valve.  It also supports Bluetooth® communications for connecting with a or a control valve with display.  Requires 24v DC supplied by a U.dat or a U.power module. U.valve+ is the same as U.valve but it also supports Wi-Fi® to communicate with other system components. U.valve and U.valve+ wired connections use fast connection in/out Can-bus terminals.


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