Pneumatic Pump Packages

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Pneumatic powered oil and grease pumps. Available in economy, standard duty, and heavy duty designs.

LSM033 – Pumps – Pneumatic
Pneumatic Pumps
Grease Pump Packages
Economy 35, 120, or 400 Pound Small to Medium, Low Use Lubrication Systems
Standard 35, 120, or 400 Pound Medium to Large, Moderate Use Lubrication Systems
Heavy Duty 40:1 450 Series 120 or 400 Pound Large, Auto Refill Lubrication Systems
Heavy Duty 70:1 450 Series 120 or 400 Pound Large Lubrication Systems
Heavy Duty 80:1 600 Series 120 or 400 Pound Very Large Systems
Oil Transfer Pumps
1:1 Suction Transfer For use with Multiple Sizes Low Volume Systems with Synthetic, Gear, or Standard Mineral Oils


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