Portable Membrane Dehydration System

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Standard Features

Frame: Carbon steel with drip tray; no flat tires Paint: Multiple color options available Motor: 1HP, 115vac, 60Hz Filter Heads: Dual stage, medium pressure, steel heads Pump: Heavy duty, steel gear pump. Available in 2 and 5 GPM Connections: Various quick connect options available Hoses: 2 ea., 7ft Clear PVC, steel reinforced suction and discharge hoses Power Switch: Sealed on/off power switch Membrane Dryer: Patented membrane dryer with hollow fiber membranes Coalescing Pre Filter: Reduces particulates and oil from plant air Air Dryer: Dries Incoming plant air to -40 degrees or lower dew point Filter Indicators: Slide bar indicators trigger at 50 psid when elements need to be changed Pump Relief: Opens at 150 PSI Options: Additional options available. Weight: Approx. 170 lbs (will vary depending on options) Dimensions: 23”L x 23”W x 52”H

Replacement Elements

Part Number BETA Rating Desired Cleanliness Level (ISO Code)
P1066 ß4(c)=2000 14/12/9 – 13/11/8
P1065 ß7(c)=2000 18/16/13 – 15/13/10
P1063 ß10(c)=1000 19/17/14 – 18/16/13
P1064 ß25(c)=2000 20/18/15 – 19/17/14
P1048WR Water Removal
All D Series elements measure 5” x 14”.


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